Problem Property? Request Service from the City!

Is there a problem property on your block where sidewalks don’t get shoveled, trash builds up, or grass is rarely cut?  You can do something about it!  Read on to learn more.

Local Ordinances Require Responsible Property Management

Snow Shoveling of Sidewalks – MHNA needs your help to insure that our sidewalks are safe places to walk in the winter season.  Snow must be cleared within 24 hours after completion of a snow fall (Ordinance 116-8).  After the City inspects a reported issue and finds the property in violation, fines are $25 for the first notice, $45 for the second notice and $90 for subsequent violations.  If the sidewalks still are not clear within another 24 hours, a Sanitation crew will clear a path and the charge will appear on the property tax bill.

Litter/Garbage and Trash – don’t prime for crime with grime.  Properties that are not cared for increase the incidence of crime.  Also, if you’re cleaning out your car, don’t leave your trash in the street!  DNS will inspect and report properties with litter that might include more than a bushel of trash, piles of brush, appliances, etc. (Ordinance 79-12).

Yards/Grass – Don’t create conditions of a neglected property — it’s is an invitation for crime. Overgrown grass and weeds more than 7 inches is a city violation. (Ordinance 80-17-2 & 80-17-6). A special charge of $50 will be applied. If the property is not mowed, a further special charge of $100 will be assessed, plus a charge for mowing. Any additional violations during the same calendar year shall be assessed a special $150 charge, plus mowing charges.

How to Report Problems and Request Services

The Department of Public Works (DPW) and Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) handle service requests.  You can request services via phone or online.  The City does need your contact information in case follow-up is needed, but you can ask the phone operator or check the box online to ensure your complaint remains anonymous.

By phone: Call 414-286-City (2489) and explain the address and nature of the issue.

Online: Go to the City of Milwaukee homepage and click “Click for Services” in the upper right-hand corner, or click here.  Select the issue you want to report (note that you can expand any of the main categories by clicking on the plus sign).  Provide the information requested and note the file number for your records in case any follow-up is needed.  See screenshots below: