Crime Update from Alderman Kovac

From Alderman Kovac:

Dear Neighbors,

Here is the latest data from our District 1 police: In the six week period from early November until mid December there were nine carjackings in District 1 (Downtown and the East Side). Towards the end of that six week period, in early December, we began the Robbery Task Force which focused increased patrol and investigatory resources in response to that trend. In the six weeks since (mid December until now) there have been three carjackings in District 1, and in all three cases arrests were made and charges have been issued.

That is still three carjackings too many, but the increased police presence has reduced the trend – and has led to the arrests of many of the perpetrators. Overall, citywide there have been 115 arrests since the Robbery Task Force began on December 1.

Please stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, and do not hesitate to call police if you notice suspicious activity. The increased patrol and investigatory resources of the Robbery Task Force will continue.

Alderman Nik Kovac