AthletiCo Milwaukee Eastside – New on Downer

By Cynthia Sommer (November 2010)

There are many reasons to know about the services offered at AthletiCo Milwaukee Eastside, a new addition to the Downer business district that is located at 2615 N. Downer – south of Sendik’s and across from Café Hollander. If you need to address a sports or work injury or need rehabilitation after surgery, they have licensed and experienced physical therapists (PT) and occupational therapists (OT) that can provide you with personalized care or their community seminars on topics such as injury prevention, arthritis treatment and exercise, spine control and back safety and strength and conditioning.  Patient service and community education are important components of the philosophy at AthletiCo.

AthletiCo has been in Milwaukee for less than a year but the company has been in business since 1991 in the Chicago area with 50 locations.  Staff educated and anchored in Wisconsin influenced the decision to establish a facility in the area. The key staff include: Drew Gottheardt, a registered and licensed OT and Certified Hand Therapist; Abigail Simmons, a Masters in Physical Therapy and a member of the 2000-2005 UW Women’s basketball team; and Luis, Rivera, Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer with ties to Marquette. The personnel generously share their expertise by mentoring and supporting five Rehabilitation Aids who are pre-physical therapy seniors at UWM and Marquette.  In addition, there are five volunteer pre-professional students from these universities and a high school shadowing their daily activities.

One of AthletiCo focuses is on injury prevention as well as post-operative care of various orthopedic injuries or surgeries.  Their stated approach is to understand the rehab needs of each patient and to develop a personalized PATH (Personalized Attention to Health) to help patients reach their goals.  The comments of an area resident, Celeste Horvath, who had PT at several other facilities over the years for knee and back problems feels that there is a “huge difference in her experience at AthletiCo… not the cookie cutter approach of other facilities”. A thorough initial interview, varied treatments approaches that engaged the patient and the personable staff impacted her positive results.

The staff also has a strong background in sports medicine.  Since 1991 AthletiCo has provided rehabilitation, performance and fitness services for all the major professional teams in Chicago as well as the Joffrey Ballet and other dance groups.  To date in Milwaukee, AthletiCo staff have provided on-site training and support (injury prevention exercises, taping and injury evaluation) for three local rugby teams –the Milwaukee Black & Blue, Milwaukee Harlequins and Milwaukee Football Club.   In addition, AthletiCo has recently provided a part time Certified Athletic Trainer for the UWM Sports Medicine Program. This includes both the University and Intramural teams.  AthletiCo offers Complementary injury screens at all their locations. During the exam, a licensed professional will examine your strength, range of motion and flexibility. Following your injury screening, it may be recommended that you follow up with a physician for further examination, you might be shown a few stretches or exercises to manage your symptoms, or you may simply be educated on how to care for your condition. For more information visit or call AthletiCo Milwaukee Eastside today to set up a complimentary injury screen at 414-962-4400.