UWM Note to Neighbors

Hi Neighbors,

Below are a few updates from UWM.

Spooktacular Neighborhood Clean-Up

The Neighborhood Housing Office is hosting a “Spooktacular Neighborhood Clean Up” on Friday, October 20th from 12pm-4pm. Volunteers will be heading out around the neighborhood surrounding campus to pick up garbage. We are encouraging students to get in the holiday spirit and wear costumes. Please do not be alarmed if you see spider man or Harry Potter in your front lawn picking up garbage. If you know of a student that would like to sign-up to help, please direct them here: http://uwm.edu/neighborhoodhousing/event/a-spooktacular-neighborhood-clean-up/

Nominate a Good Neighbor!

The Neighborhood Housing Office (NHO) has a couple of initiatives in the works for both students and neighbors. We have our “Good Neighbor Program” which we are taking nominations for at this time. Please nominate your Good Neighbors here: http://uwm.edu/neighborhoodhousing/good-neighbor-award/. You may nominate a neighbor for performing a helpful act, being a trustworthy community member, or for any other reason that you feel makes them a good neighbor. Nominated Neighbors will be contacted by the Neighborhood Housing Office, receive a window flier, and will be featured on our website/social media upon their approval.

Panther Neighborhood Watch Pledge

The NHO has started a new student-run initiative called the Panther Neighborhood Watch Pledge. The goal of the Panther Neighborhood Watch Pledge is to help create a safer and more secure area surrounding UWM, help students build a a sense of responsibility in their community, and unity with neighbors by promoting safety and awareness. Participants who take the pledge agree to update their address information on PAWS, join Next Door, and introduce themselves to their neighbors. This initiative is still in the beginning stages, and we anticipate it’s growth over the academic year. More information about the pledge can be found here: http://uwm.edu/neighborhoodhousing/panther-neighborhood-watch-pledge/

Submit Community Events

The NHO has been updating their event calendar and are looking to add more community events. The goal for their website event calendar is to be a one-stop-shop for all events happening in the neighborhood and on-campus that may impact the surrounding community, students and long-term residents alike. If you know of an event or information you think should be listed on our calendar, please submit your events here: http://uwm.edu/neighborhoodhousing/community-event-submission/

Events can be anything from local business events in the area, festivals, neighborhood association meetings, alderman meetings, road closures, block parties, etc.

Mobile Market

In a partnership between Student Association and Hunger Task Force, the Fresh Picks Mobile Market will be coming to UWM the 1st Thursday of the 1st full week of the month from 3-4:30pm. The Mobile Market itself is a partnership between Hunger Task Force and Pick ‘n Save to provide affordable, nutritious food in food deserts and low-income neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Here is a great YouTube video and website link for more information if you are unfamiliar.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG_RV6DifE0

Website: https://www.hungertaskforce.org/signature-programs/fresh-picks-mobile-market/

The mobile market is open to anyone: students, faculty, staff, people living in the neighborhood,etc.

One Point of Contact for UWM-Related Neighborhood Concerns

We want to remind everyone that should you have any concerns regarding incidents in the neighborhood that you believe to involve UWM students or that you think we should be aware of, please contact us by emailing neighborhood-relations@uwm.edu. In the event of an emergency or crime, please contact the Milwaukee Police Department first so they may process the matter. Thanks to the MPD Grant Initiative, UWM Constituents and MPD are able to meet weekly to share information and continue building our great working relationship.


Alyssa Conrardy
Neighborhood Relations and Housing Coordinator
Neighborhood Relations
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