Public Safety Meeting on Tuesday

From Alderman Nik Kovac

Dear Neighbor:

Please attend the 3rd District town hall meeting I have scheduled at 6:00 p.m.on Tuesday, September 12th at Plymouth Church (2717 E. Hampshire Street).

The meeting will include Captain Diana Rowe and officers from Milwaukee’s 1st Police District (which covers the East Side and Downtown), representatives from UWM, as well as representatives from the Office of Violence Prevention. As usual, we will provide the latest trend data on owner-occupancy rates and ticketed noise and nuisance violations on the East Side. We will also discuss overall crime patterns in our neighborhoods and the enforcement responses of our police and court system.

After we present these updated maps and charts, and get feedback from you on those issues, we will also discuss street repairs, traffic calming, parking reforms and any other topics that neighbors wish to raise.

Hope to see you there!