Notes from August Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came out to the August MHNA meeting.  We had some excellent speakers and had a great turnout.  Here are a few key pieces of information you may find useful as we transition into fall.

UWM Dean of Students
The Dean of Students office intends to continue its practice of proactive messaging to students as well as a protocol of mandatory dean’s office visits and disciplinary actions for a wide range of incidents.  Linked is a document provided by UWM that tracks both general student enrollment data as well as misconduct cases over the past several years.  The Office of Neighborhood relations welcomes correspondence from neighbors related to any incidents you experienced that you believe may be related to student misconduct.  This helps provide additional information to the dean’s office as they process misconduct cases.  Specifics are useful.  You may email or call 414-229-4451.

UWM Police Department
We heard from Chief Joseph LeMire about a few new strategies he will be implementing this year including overlapping officer shifts between 9PM and 3AM and making earlier evening contacts where loud parties are developing and monitoring those houses.  UWMPD will continue to coordinate closely with MPD to maximize all officers’ effectiveness.  UWM’s direct jurisdiction remains on campus property, so calls for service within the off-campus neighborhood should be directed to MPD (see below).

MPD District 1
District 1 Sergeant Ibarra and Community Liaison Officer Kline discussed MPD’s approach to the fall semester, which remains a very collaborative effort with UWM, UWMPD, and the City Department of Neighborhood Services.  The protocol for requesting service from MPD remains the same – call the non-emergency number 414-933-4444 for noise nuisance issues.  When calling in a request for police service, you have the option to request that a citation be issued if you are willing to be a complainant in court.  You also have the option to request the police do not come to your house for follow-up but rather call instead.  If you request a citation be issued, MPD D1 officers will attempt to follow-up with the subject house to issue the citation, even if they cannot make contact until the next day.

For next day follow-up, inquiries, or to provide additional details, you may email Officer Kline at or call him at 414-933-4444.

Additional details are available on our website:

State District Attorney’s Office
We met Kelly Hedge, Assistant DA who is working alongside Officer Kline on criminal issues in our neighborhood.  She welcomes both general and specific inquiries related to prosecution of charges.  Her contact information is 414-208-7471 or