Important: New Guidance on Report It, Record It


At the MHNA Special Meeting held on Tuesday this week, we learned of some important changes to the suggested method of calling for police services.

While MPD plans to release a description of the new reporting system within the next few weeks, the operating policy is to call the non-emergency police number – 414-933-4444 – to report noise nuisance calls.  You will reach a telecommunicator who will upload your information into the centralized dispatch system, which will become immediately visible to the District 1 Lieutenant.  The Lieutenant will follow the standard protocol of surveying squad locations to determine the best way to address your call.  You can provide the same level of information to the telecommunicator as you did to the Report It/Record It Lieutenant, including whether you’d like a citation issued, and whether you’d like to be contacted by police as soon as possible or wait until the next day for follow up.

If something changes with respect to the situation you have encountered (more people, spread out location, party stopped, etc.), you should call back to the non-emergency number, tell the telecommunicator that you called previously, give the address again, and provide the updated information.

Please note that you may experience a delay when calling the non-emergency number, but we have been told that this is an essential first step to calling in a non-emergency complaint in order to track all calls and citations appropriately.  In the past, the lieutenant receiving the Report It, Record It calls has had to call in residents’ complaints to the central dispatch themselves, which took up valuable police time and often resulted in lost data.

We apologize for any confusion or frustration related to this change.  As in the past, MHNA encourages your feedback on your experiences with this new system via emailing  We will keep you updated as we receive additional information from MPD.

As always, do not hesitate to call 911 in the event of an emergency.