Dealing with nuisance behavior

Murray Hill residents regularly comment on a variety of nuisance behaviors they experience – noisy groups passing through the neighborhood, loud parties, property theft, destruction of flower beds, overturning trash bins, speeding cars…

Some people wonder if they should wait for a party to settle down.  Or they think perhaps that trampling the tulips isn’t all that bad, or that tipping garbage carts onto the sidewalk is endurable.

Our position is that such incivility should be promptly reported.  Don’t wait for things to get worse; make a Report It, Record It call.

Any time, day or night, that you are disturbed by excessive noise, trespassing, property violations or any other objectionable behavior, call  414-935-7211 to contact the MPD 1 District Shift Commander. 

Inform him or her that you are calling in a Report It, Record It complaint and provide as much information as possible on the location and identification of the offenders (number of people, license plates if applicable, etc.). If you are willing, inform the shift commander that you would like a citation issued and you would be willing to testify as a witness if necessary. Even if the 1st district is unable to respond due to call volume, they will follow up on the incident. In an emergency, never hesitate to call 911.

Take detailed notes about the situation (date, time, addresses, etc.). Your notes may be needed in the event that you are asked to testify in court or to provide valuable information to the City and MPD when they seek to follow up with landlords.

Your feedback is encouraged. If you have questions, comments or concerns about how your call to Report It, Record It was handled, please notify Steve Klebar at 964-2492 or email or your NA representative.