Nine Below – Maker’s Golf

Nine Below – Maker’s Golf

By Cynthia Sommer

Nine Below is the clever name given for a new, unique recreational venue in the neighborhood.  This different approach to miniature golf called “Maker ‘s Golf” opened in late September  in the surprisingly large space below the Beans & Barley restaurant (1905 E. North Avenue).   Some residents may remember the 7,000 sq. ft. lower level space being home to the Library Club nightclub and Frenchy’s restaurant.  The space contains two nine-hole mini-golf courses, a clubhouse and bar with an overhead pergola to create an outdoor feel at dusk.

So what is “Maker’s Golf”?  It is a make your own mini-golf course.   Before you start to play, you and your group have the fun of designing and building your own mini-golf hole.  You would then play your hole along with the other eight holes created by other teams in your round.  In designing your hole, players can dictate the  course boundaries using edge pieces located at each hole, pull open holes on the playing field to create hazards (e.g., sand, rocks etc.), and then add ramps, tunnels and/or obstacles.   A wide variety of obstacles are available; players can choose from an ever changing option of electrified, theme oriented (e.g., birthday, Halloween) or special events designed obstacles.  The owners, Marla and Dave Poytinger, have used the talents of the artists at their painting bar, Splash Studio in the Third Ward, to create many of the hand-painted obstacles. A course coach will be available to give you tips, tricks and answers to any questions.   So with all these options, the player can “create something that is unique and exciting every time they come”.

The atmosphere is lively, at times competitive, yet relaxing.  Swing-out seats are available to sit at each hole.  Movable golf carts allow for transport of personal items, your golf clubs and drinks.  The club house with a TV, comfortable chairs and tables allows a group to pause during or after play. The full, no-tipping bar provides an additional area before or after play to relax, people watch or wait to play.

The second nine-hole course is available for corporate team building events, private parties (e.g., birthdays, bachelor/ette parties, etc.) or for additional patrons, if the space is not reserved.  Private parties will have access to a special Beans & Barley catering menu or the option to bring in their own food or catering.  There is also a “Shut’ Er Down” option where the entire 18 holes are available for larger groups and private events. Prices are based on the event type selected.

The standard round is a two hour period and reservations are highly recommended.  Ages 15 and above are welcome.  The prices are $13-$20 per person depending on the day/time/number of team members.  Early weekday and larger groups are less expensive than prime weekend reservations.  There are walk-in options, including the Hole-In–One Experience.  The venue hours are: Mon-Tues (available for private events); Wed and Thurs: 2 pm – 9 pm; Fri: 2 pm to midnight; Sat: 11 am to midnight; Sun: 11 am- 6 pm.  For more information and to make reservations, visit

It is time to try something new – check out Nine Below.