Boswell Book Company

Boswell Book Company – the Sequel

By Cynthia Sommer (April 2010)

Boswell Book Company at 2559   N. Downer Avenue has more than survived its first year of business as an independent bookstore, even in these tough economic times.  A year ago in April, the bookstore changed ownership from Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop to become Boswell Book Company.  The bookstore is named after James Boswell, considered by many to be the first writer of biography.  Daniel Goldin, who had worked as a book buyer for Schwartz bookstore for 23 years, became the new owner of the Downer Avenue bookstore.  Milwaukee readers will still find the vast array of books, magazines, newspapers and gifts that they might remember from the former Schwartz’s bookstore … but more.  You can still experience the pleasant memories of browsing through books in comfortable chairs on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or pausing to have coffee while reading your book at the connected Starbuck’s store next door.  The transition and success of the store are due to the energy, new ideas and passion for books of Daniel Goldin and his knowledgeable staff.

The web site for Boswell’s Book Company ( can give you an idea of the variety of new books available and the many events, book clubs and blogs in which you can partake.  Join the SciFi or Mystery book clubs or come to the author readings that fill many evenings of each week.  If you need recommendations for fiction, non fiction or children’s books view “Boswell’s Best” on the web or, better yet, stop in and ask any of the helpful and experienced staff.  And while you are at the store, let your children explore the children’s section.  Boswell’s not only sells new books but also sell used books that you will find throughout the store.  If you are an avid reader, take advantage of being able to sell your books back for credit –so that you can recycle and feed your desire for more books.

Independent bookstores serve a niche that is not met by the national chains or big box stores. The service is evident in the staff, the store hours (Mon-Sat 9 am – 9 pm, Sun 10 am-6 pm) and the many free events open to the community.  Goldin with his knowledge of books is a great resource for customers hunting for hard to find titles.   Besides the service, local independent bookstores contribute to the local economy and set a standard for the neighborhood.  If you haven’t done so recently, stop in and support Boswell’s.  Happy First Anniversary to Daniel Goldin and his staff and thanks for being in the Murray Hill neighborhood!